Hand Drawn on Paper


Hand drawn on an iPad, or similar device - digital artwork is emailed

What to choose? Classic or Digital? Here are the differences. Choose what’s right for you.

Classic Fashion Sketches are hand drawn on PAPER. The artist uses permanent markers, watercolors and a variety of other coloring techniques.

Pros: CLASSIC is an original one of-a-kind piece of artwork. Some people want something physical to “hold” or “gift” to someone. Paper is very traditional.

Cons: A photo or scan would need to be made of the artwork to be uploaded or shared on social media. Proofs are not available. If there is a change, the entire piece has to be redrawn by hand. If the artwork is damaged, it cannot be replaced.

Digital Fashion Sketches are hand drawn on an iPad, Wacom, or similar electronic device.

Pros: There is no “paper copy” so artwork is received with faster turnaround times. Orders are emailed instantly upon completion. Digital Format provides easy upload to social media. The artwork itself is created with far more detail. The digital format allows the artist to play with different textures and patterns for the clothing. Hundreds of additional techniques compared to classic marker or watercolor mediums. If the print of the artwork was damaged, a new print could be made.

Cons: There is not a physical original to “hold”, unless a print is ordered. Prints are available at an additional fee of $15.